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At Diamond Impex we thrive to manufacture optimum quality clothes. Our raw material is proudly and purely Australian, hence best quality is guaranteed every time.

our manufacturing process includes steps as following :

Firstly raw materials are brought to our factory in big bales, these bales are stored in our warehouse and given for sorting as and when needed

As the bales go for sorting our staff carefully opens but these bales and sort each clothes with extreme care. Our sorting procedure includes steps like detecting wear and tear of material. Also we check for harmful substances and if selected they are eliminated by spraying anti-bacterial chemical.

Once our raw material is sorted we sent this finished product into packing department. Here the goods are packed into bale of standard weight of 45 kg and 55 kg. Bales are also created according to customers need also.

Once this bales are ready to be shipped they are placed in groups as per the department and as soon as the container arrives, bales are loaded into it as per the order and secured for shipping.

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